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Thank you so much for stopping in to visit me here at It's A Ginger Thing.  You don't have to be a redhead to enjoy my antics or writing. Just a heads up about me, my blog and what this is all about.


First off, I love to write. Did I go to college? No.


Will my grammar be on point? Nope.


How bad will my punctuation be? Probably not the greatest in accuracy.

Will you have a good time reading my blog? I certainly hope so. No guarantees though.

Basically I am starting this blog to one, be more adventurous, two, hopefully be a success and three, maybe even inspire others to live life how they want in order to be the happiest.  I plan on breaking out of my so called hermit shell. Not only am I going to try things that I wouldn't normally do, I am going to do things that I have always said I would do.  There will be me learning new things, such as video blogging. Should be hilarious. I am known to be comical when things aggravate me, and since I hate to be in front of the camera, it is sure to be interesting. How was that for a run on sentence? I warned you. LOL I will also do some traveling. To start off with, near to home first. It is cheaper to stay local. But I plan on actually doing my best to see the world. I am not getting any younger and feel like it is more a now or never thing for me. The best part, I am going to tackle some crazy things on my bucket list. Skydiving for example, when I get up the courage and after I have lost a few pounds. Losing the weight will give me more faith in the parachute. Just saying. The lighter I am, the more faith I will have that it will get me to the ground safely. I am also doing my best to get my art out there and sell it. It is a dream of mine to finally succeed at something I love to do, rather than to keep working a job that I truly hate. It saddens me to dislike my job, but I did what I had to do to raise my family. Now I am going to try to do what I want in life. Hopefully this journey will work out for me. Hopefully you will join me for the ride. But if I fail, then I fail knowing I gave it my best. Then I will probably just keep going. I can be scrappy if the need arises. So come back and check in. Soon I will be writing regularly and will have my store up and running. If I am smart, I will finish writing my book too.

See you soon!!



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