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And So It Begins...

I have been out of work for about five weeks now. Correction, I have been on workman's comp for about five weeks now. I was in a car accident. I was leaving work to pick up one of my employees who needed a ride. A big no no in my line of work. But also in my line of work, an employee down makes for a bad shift. See I work in the restaurant industry. Not the easiest of jobs, certainly not the most appreciated either. I will give them credit, they made sure I was taken care of physically. I ended up with a broken ankle, a broken toe and true seriously deformed fingers. Let us just say that typing isn't a breeze for me right now. Anyway, today was my second day back after being off for that long. I am still not healed properly, but getting better day by day. Thankfully.

Being as it was my second day back, I planned to be early yet again. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am continually late. I was actually going to be early today, but as I happily headed to put on my work shoes, I was given pause. Actually I was thrown completely off guard. See, I am not your average woman. I don't own a ton of shoes and I only own one pair of slip resistant work shoes. Now when I get to the front door, where I always keep them, and see they are gone, I freak out a wee bit. After my tiny pause though, I see two big pair of Nike's. One word. Teenagers. You would think that a teenage boy would be able to tell the difference between my greasy, smelly work shoes and a nice pair of new Nike's that he Dad just got him. But apparently not. I then had the pleasure of wearing his shoes to his school. I asked to have him called to the office in hopes of just exchanging shoes and leaving. Instead I get pulled into a room and almost get an inquisition as to my purpose for pulling him out of class. This is all after showing my I.D. Also after calling my District Manager and explaining how I managed to end up on a shoe quest. She doesn't have children and is 20 years younger than me. If that tells you anything about how my career life is going. Needless to say, I was 30 minutes late to work. Welcome back to the grindstone. LOL

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