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A Debate Within

I am not going to lie, I am not the most articulate person you will read. I am however quite honest. I have been debating with myself over various subjects for years. I am sure most of you have been as well. Work, family, love, money, friends and more....but why the debate? Because we all have some sort of a fear of failure. Whether or not is a fear of being hurt or a fear of being emotionally hurt, there is a fear there, inside. It raises its ugly head anytime you go to make a decision. In my youth, I was told what to do. In my teen years, I rebelled and jumped head first into any situation. In my twenties, I tempered that gradually. In my thirties, I stopped trying things that frightened me and shut myself off emotionally as well. Now here I am, in my forties (yes I am getting old), trying to recapture some of that zest for life, that thrill to conquer the fear, that I used to own. This blog is mostly about me doing the things that I would not normally do. Changing my perspective and jumping head first into the things that frighten me the most. With the exception of spiders and needles. I will keep those fears.

I have struggled with what exactly to put on this blog. Did I want to talk about my past? In order for you to get to know me better. Truth is, my past is complicated, painful and would make a good book. I plan on writing it. Would make a great movie, if I finally get this site up off the ground and become somewhat of a success. Did I want to write about my day to day? Mostly it is boring. I work a lot. Do I want to write about my love life? You have to have one first. Not a joke, sadly. Do I want to write about my family? Not really. They might feel like it is an invasion of privacy. I might mention them from time to time. Do I wish to write about my friends? Not if I want to keep them. LOL Actually I have great friends. They wouldn't care as long as I don't use their names. Despite all the debating, I decided this site should be about me. In general. Conquering my fears. Learning something new. Hopefully eventually inspiring someone to conquer their fears and share their stories.

There will be guests here as well. As I am lucky enough to be blessed with a few friends that are authors. One is even in bidding to get her book made into a movie. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to one day have famous gingers like Emma Stone, Julianne Moore or even Ed Sheeran. Now I am not making any promises, but since this blog is all about being hopeful, I am going to keep dreaming. Until next time.....

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