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My First Inspiration

I hadn't really planned on posting again so quickly, but this one made me feel the need to do so. Though it isn't a current picture, it is one of my son on his first airplane ride. I thought it quite appropriate for this post. He has decided that he wants to do important volunteer work this summer. Maybe me trying to change my stripes has inspired him to do the same. I certainly hope so. Then making the decision to start this blog and hopefully make an impact will be worth it. Especially if the first person I reach by making my decision is my son. I have three of them. So maybe I can inspire my others as well, eventually. LOL Boys are stubborn to be sure, but then again, so am I.

So he has chosen to attempt to go to a province in India that needs schools built for orphans. From the research I gathered, there is also the need for schools in the poor community as well. I think it is a noble cause that he has chosen. In all honesty, my son is spoiled.He grew up with privileges that I could have only dreamed about and in all honesty I am hoping this will be a growing experience for him.

Now for the tricky part, getting him to India. I am a single mother. Have been for years. I do and have done my best to raise them all without male influence. When I say single, I mean single. I didn't date. I did it mostly on my own. So financially we are struggling a bit to make this volunteering to happen. Apparently now you have to make a donation to the charity you are willing to donate your time too. Especially if you are a youth. I have discovered that it is to pay in part for food and shelter, while the rest is to go to the actual charity and used for supplies. Then there is the cost to get him there, his passport and visa and a bit extra for spending money. So I joined the gofundme bandwagon. We probably won't reach our goal, but it won't be for a lack of trying. So below you will find a link to our gofundme. All we ask is that if you can't help out, please share our link. You can send them here as well so they can get a better detailed discription of what is going on. Also maybe it will make people realise that we aren't faking and we are genuine. As always, thanks for reading and keep it gingy!

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