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And They Call Me Murphy

Just to explain a bit about the pictures in my blogs, I try to make them relevant to what I am writing about. As you can see in the above picture, they are measuring fabric. A twist on my so-called sense of humor, I suppose. See, some people in my family call me Murphy. Some call me Cookie (a whole different story) and some just think my first name and my middle name are one word. It's not. But for the ones that call me Murphy, they are probably the most accurate at giving me a name that describes me to a T. See, the name Murphy is short for Murphy's Law. You know that wonderful list of laws about what can go wrong will go wrong? At least that is my take on that "lovely" list. I am like a walking Jinx. Seriously. I see you shaking your head and thinking "No one can be a walking Jinx." Well I can. Actually, I am a walking Jinx, a falling down Jinx, a bumping into random objects Jinx and a sit down doing nothing and still get hurt Jinx. It's okay. Laugh. I mean it. Feel free. I laugh at myself daily. I have too. I would probably be crazier than I already am if I didn't.

So now that I gave you some small backstory, todays hi-jinx are as follows. I started a new job. New boss says "Can you run to UPS for me?" I naturally respond with a "Sure, no problem." Always eager to get paid not to be trapped in a building. First thing that goes wrong, GPS tries to run me in circles. No biggie. I got this. Find UPS. Drop off package. Get back in car. Entire rear end of my pants rip. I mean I not only heard it, I felt it. One giant....rrrrriiiiiiiiippp. Well hell. Again. No biggie. I call new boss, hoping they don't think I am BSing them. All is good. I start to head home. Now my new training store is about 40 minutes from my thing I know I am stuck in a very, very large traffic jam. All traffic stopped due to the largest funeral procession I have ever witnessed. So sorry for the loss. But I really was not able to move car for about 20 minutes. Manage to get home an hour later. Put on another pair of pants. Zipper breaks. Now I am starting to get frustrated. I already know I am going to be far later than I need to be getting back. I am pretty sure the new boss thinks I have quit. Realize I am now out of black pants and black pants are a uniform requirement. Oh well. I put on grey ones and head downstairs. Miss they last step and face plant into the wall. Yep. No joke. Popped the lens out of my glasses. Now as you know I am a red head. And as most people know, redheads have short fuses. I have managed to try and tame my short fuse, usually I am good at it. But the face plant, yeah, that one made me have what I like to refer to as a redhot moment. You know those little candies? They are tiny, red and hot, but only for a moment. Yeppers, I had one of those moments. Thankfully no one was home to witness it.

Now if you managed to get this far in the story, I am not whining. I am explaining who I am now. You might as well get a heads up. I am sure to have more "Jinx" moments in the future. I don't go looking for them, but the damn things always find me. Though looking back on todays issue. It could have been avoided one of two ways. One, I should have bought new pants two weeks ago like I meant to do. Two, if I knew how to sew worth a damn, my sewing job wouldn't have let me down and my pants would have lasted throughout the day. "You knew your pants were hanging on by a thread?" you ask. "Why yes. Yes I did." It's why I sewed them in the first place and why I would be in last place in a sewing competition. On the plus side, I still have my job.

Murphy out.

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