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Time Management

I have this tendency to make lofty goals and struggle to reach them. I don't always aim for my target, but I give it my best shot. I had been sitting here in front of my laptop wondering what to write about tonight. I had nothing spectacular happen lately and I couldn't think of anything witty. Basically I was feeling uncreative and rather disappointed in myself. I mean, I started this blog with the hopes and intention of it becoming popular and hopefully make a difference in my life. Also with the hopes that if I could make a difference in someone else's as well, that would be a tremendous bonus. Now for the point, time management.

I am horrible with time management. Not necessarily all by choice. As I stated before, I set goals, big ones. I have big dreams and apparently don't know how to prioritize everything. My main job, you know the one that pays the bills, it takes a minimum of 50 hours a week. Then I shop for Shipt and Instacart, those hours are random and then I have my pleasure time, the time when I am crafting and painting. Oh, and did I mention that I bake? I run and Etsy site with my bake goods and I sell my goodies to family and friends as well. I am not done yet, I also have another Etsy site that is for my photography. I sell my artistic pictures there and do weddings, engagement photos and anything else someone hires me for on the side. Now if you think that isn't enough, I have somehow managed to squeeze in joining a gym, spending time with my children and my best friend. When do I sleep??? Not often. Some nights when I try, I completely fail. Then I manage to get a day off from my regular job and that's when I plan to play catch up, but here recently I end up sleeping all day from exhaustion. Which leads me to the point of time management. I need to make a schedule and stick too it. I suck at that. Then I see my blog, my wonderful blog that I enjoy writing and notice, oops, been almost two months since I wrote a post. I know the explanation was long, but I felt the need to explain before apologizing to anyone who has been faithful in reading.

Needless to say, I am one busy woman with crazy big dreams and a persistence that hopefully will never give out on me. I will continue to reach for my stars and I will endeavor to be more timely in my posts. Just know that if I disappear again, it is only because I am probably overdoing it again.

On the plus side, I have lost some weight. Not sure how much, but something is way better than nothing.

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