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Diving with Sharks

Sounds absolutely horrifying to some, sounds extremely amazing to others. To me, it was something I wanted to do and it enabled me to scratch something off of my bucket list, per say. If you are wondering, yes for the first time since I started the blog, that is me in the picture. I am almost on the ocean floor, about 75 feet under the water. What you don't see, is about 50 sharks swimming above me. I wasn't the brightest and didn't bring a camera, oh wait, I don't own one that will go under the water, as of yet. This picture is courtesy of my scuba buddy. He was so fascinated with taking pictures of sharks that this is the only one that was taken of me. I can't blame him in the slightest. I was so enthralled with watching the sharks and resisting temptation to touch them that I hardly paid any attention to him either.

If you have never been scuba diving, I highly recommend it. Now to those of you thinking, sharks?!?! Stop. There are typically certain areas that sharks reside, whether it is for diving or hunting. Though it sounds completely bad ass saying I dove with sharks, I dove with nurse sharks and reef sharks not great whites. Yes, there wasn't a cage. No, I wasn't in any serious danger, because I follow the rules of diving. But I will say that if you love the water, even if it isn't the ocean, go take an introductory to scuba course. Depending on where you live, the introductory class with be different. If you are say where I live in the mid-west, then you will be most likely be taught the basics and then let loose in a pool. That will give you the fundamentals and enable you to experience that wonderful world of breathing underwater. If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean, then your introductory experience will be quite different than that of your land locked friends.. Odds are you will actually get to dive in the water. Most likely close to shore and only about 25 feet under, but still enough to give you the more realistic taste of what scuba diving actually is, not just to me but what it could mean to you.

Now this is how I feel about scuba diving. It is the most surreal experience I have ever had in my life. Every time I go under the water, I am fascinated and at peace. Entertained and excited. In the short time I have been diving, I have helped rescue an eel, swam with sharks, seen schools of hundreds of fish move simultaneously at the same time and been swarmed by fish, that I was feeding. I have seen sea turtles, puffer fish, barracuda and sea urchins on the run for their life. It is an amazing world under the sea, on that the majority do not take the opportunity to see. If still in doubt, talk to your local dive shop, even if you are a land lubber locked in like me, there is one near you or nearer than you think.

Adventure on Gingers and Ginger lovers!!

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