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New Year, New Me?

Nope. I am not one of those type of people. No matter what I keep trucking along. If you have been keeping up with my blog then you know all about the lemons. Though I keep trying to make the proverbial lemonade, obstacles keep getting in the way, or is that just more mean ass lemons? Either way, the last few months have been tougher than anticipated. I really thought I could make a go of it with my art. Took a lot of my time and though I enjoyed it, the shows were hit and miss. I put the websites on hold to hopefully make it work. I have hope that if I keep plugging along, it will eventually be enough to live off of, in the mean time, I looked for a job. I was lucky enough to find one that was not in the restaurant industry. Though it doesn't pay what I was making, I am okay with that because it is a career move. A good old fashioned Monday through Friday. A job that will enable me to have my weekends off and do my shows, I was thrilled. Then here comes the lemons, damn lemons. They had to fingerprint me and now that the government is shut down, my fingerprints are delayed in coming back. The results are that I don't get to start my job right away and now I am out of money. So frustrating. I just want to make my car payment and get to work. In the mean time I guess I will get to work on updating the websites(which I am so far behind on, because I am the only one working on them) and figure out a way to raise some money.

I apologize again for the lack of blogging, but if your holidays were anything like mine, I am sure you will understand. I will make one New Years Resolution, I will endeavor to be a more active writer. I find it to be necessary.

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