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The Lies. The Truth. The Result.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

If you are new to my blog, I recommend reading The Liar. The Fool. Its End before reading this entry. It is only a few articles back.

That being said, here we go.

The Lies: I don't really have much in this world. I tend to value relationships, ethics and family more than things. Don't get me wrong, I value nice things, they are just not my priority. So when I tell you I value my integrity, I am not joking. I pride myself on telling the truth and not lying. So when you read about the lies that I am writing about, know with a certainty, I am telling you the truth from my perspective. Especially, since they say all stories have two sides. If you have read the previous entry then you know that The Liar, as I refer to him, has a girlfriend. This is about her and her lies. Since she has moved into his house, she has managed to get his own grandmother evicted and file restraining orders on not only the 78 year old grandmother, but me as well. I think they are perfect together since neither of them can tell the truth. She has lied about throwing things away, getting text messages, phone calls and destruction of property. She has attacked my character and filled The Liars ear and his families ears with lie after lie after lie. I don't think either of them could tell the truth even if their lives depended upon it. She even went so far as to destroy her boyfriends house and frame his grandmother and me for destruction of property. Why? All because I sent her proof, not once, but twice of his cheating ways. Did I do it in a nice way? No. I didn't. Why? Because honestly, at the time, I was still angry with the whole situation. Still am actually. Even though I have walked away, I am still getting attacked. I HATE liars. The fact that I am being accused of it makes me absolutely livid. She has a man that I have known for 12 years convinced that his grandmother is evil. She has him believing I am a liar, even though I have never, not once, lied to that man. Even his family thinks less of me. People I had known for years and respected. I find her and her ways vile and disgusting.

The Truth: Yes, I did contact this so called woman twice. ONLY TWICE!! Once via mail, the second via email. Both times with photographic proof that he lies and cheats. My theory is that if you want to be with him, make sure you know the real him. Apparently she doesn't care. Maybe she likes sloppy seconds. I don't know for certain and most certainly don't care. Those are the only two times I have contacted or tried to contact her. Yet, the restraining order says she "fears for her life". Please. I have never seen this woman or anything that she owns. So now I have to defend myself, my morals and my character??? All I know is that I didn't do any of the things I am accused of and my favorite accusation was the destruction of his home. I am not sure of what all was destroyed. I just know that someone went in his home and messed it up. I was told someone put shampoo all over her clothes. That right there proves she did the destruction herself. Any woman angry enough to go into someone's house to break things, is going to actually tear them up permanently. Personally, if and I mean if, I was going to do something as reckless as doing something that would put me in jail, I am going to go all out and really cause chaos. I most certainly would not have put shampoo on clothing. Something easily washed out. Sadly, people believe that she is innocent and others including myself are guilty. Jokes on them. Thanks to my line of work, I have a tracker on my phone and my car that tells the companies where I am at all times. Thankfully I have the best alibi besides the trackers. I was home all day with witnesses. Got to love it! I am just thoroughly mad not only over the accusations and the restraining order, but mostly at the fact that an elderly woman is being mentally abused. I consider being made homeless physical abuse. The elderly woman's name is still on the mortgage but she can't enter her property.

The Results: As I stated before, an elderly woman was booted from her home. That is one result of this mess. My integrity is being attacked because I came to her defense and for telling the truth. I also have suddenly started having random nosebleeds. I never had them before and since I am on blood thinners, it is extremely dangerous to me. They last a minimum of ten minutes and are gushers. Scared my son to death the first time he seen me have one. I lost a lot of blood. A LOT! Doctor says it is because my blood pressure is severely high due to the stress caused by the Liars. So now I could have a heart attack because I care about his grandmother and my integrity? WTH! As for his grandmother, she is a wreck. It breaks my heart to see her like that. When she calls me crying, it takes everything in my physical power not to go over to his house and tell him what a piece of crap he is for hurting his grandmother. This woman is one of the kindest people I have ever met. I have only ever seen her dislike someone with serious and just cause. Now not only has she lost her grandson over this woman's lies, but one of her daughters as well. I will never understand people who choose practical strangers over their family. Yes, I know there are some families that deserve to be disowned. But not this lady. She is kindhearted and loving. She deserves better. Hell I deserve better, but I can handle it, nosebleeds and all. They even shut off her phone, which she pays for, before she could get a new one. KNOWING full well she was in her new place alone. What if she had gotten injured or had a heart attack? No one would have known until it was too late. Now you see why I think they are scum?

As for me, other than the stress, I am doing great. I have realized exactly how narcissistic he is and how he made me feel inferior on a regular basis. I no longer see what I thought were his good qualities. Since he destroyed his grandmother, I find he has none at all. All I can see are the bad things and manipulations that I missed throughout the years. I am almost back to my old self. Getting closer every day. I know I had said I was going go on a road trip and document it, but with more and more states having more and more Covid-19 issues, I have put my trip on hold. For now. Will try to do some smaller day trips, I will also continue to try and work up the nerve to do videos and a Vlog. Take care everyone and remember.....Don't let the evil of the world encompass your world and win!!

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