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The Reappearing Ginger

I feel like I apologize a lot on here. I always seem to disappear. In my defense, I am not the most organized. I have a thousand ideas running through my mind at a time. I am ALWAYS working, I mean ALWAYS! Getting out of debt is insanely hard work. I am so close, so very close to being caught up and able to finally live a normal life again. Only $2,000 away. I know to some people that amount doesn't seem like much, but to me, who really doesn't have too much and has struggled her whole life, it seems like a fortune. I still haven't gotten my camera out of the pawn shop and it is killing me. With it I could take updated pictures and update my main website, Sassy Sauerpuss. My Etsy site is selling an item a week, which is good, but I have more things to put on it, yet taking good, professional pictures is difficult with just a cell phone. By the way, picture above is not me, nor my work.

Now for the real reason I am writing today. As I said before, my mind has a 1,000 ideas running through it at a time. This year, now that I am completely better, I am getting back on my original agenda and planning on doing some of the things on my list, as well as a few new ones. When I get my camera back, I am going to finally conquer my camera shyness and get in front of the lens. I have some funny ideas, travel ideas, crafting ideas and even just my typical if you knew me mighty mouth opinions. I have braced myself for the haters, little do they know exactly how feisty I can actually be, especially when insulted. (wink, wink) I will also be showing off more of my creations and hopefully walking you through a few of my shows at the end of the year.

Even more news....If you read my previous post that had the letter to my mother included, I have debated about taking it down by the way, I have reconnected with her after all. I found out information I would have rather not known, but still information I needed to know. Our relationship is slow going. It is hard to work on establishing one when you don't have a base to start from, let alone know exactly how to make it work. I will admit it is slow going but I am very hopeful. I will included updates throughout my posts.

Finally, I am going to try to get better at social media, might even have my teenage, computer addicted son teach me a few things. I am also going to try and become better organized. I am working on a set schedule to follow that will keep me in check. That way I will not only make regular posts here, but maybe, just maybe I will finally finish writing that book I have been working on and hopefully get it published. I would cross my fingers, but then I wouldn't be able to type. Wish me luck!! And to all of my wonderful readers, Thank you. For your patience and that fact that you take the time to read my blog. Best wishes to all!!

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